She changed my life a lot….Her words were just, oh, like phenomenal, I just I couldn’t keep my eyes off her…..I can still feel it, her energy…Just talking about her just makes me smile.


Her words were just, oh, no, like phenomenal,


From when you guys helped me out with the with the garbage and. Just how she was speaking to me, saying how it should be a man to do it and I shouldn’t be carrying all that and to call somebody to do it for me and you know, she just she left something in my heart because, you know me, I was like, “Oh, but us women, we have to be strong. We have to, you know, do stuff ourselves and not have to worry about a man.” And then she started getting all deep into, you know, all that and the revelation, and she was just going at it. And I was just sitting there listening to her and just looking at her like, Wow, she she’s really like just inspiring just what she’s saying. Like, it just left. It changed my life. It changed my life a lot. Just what she said because her words were. Her words were just, oh, no, like phenomenal, like they were just. So this is just crazy how good people leave this Earth, but they’re going somewhere better. I’m sure she’s happy and joy and just just her being here that night and me and her, we were wearing the same Moonstone because she’s interested in, yes, she’s interested in the whole spiritual and the crystals. And she was looking at my crystal and she was like, Oh, that’s like a Topaz, like a she was all getting all deep into what it was and what it meant, and she had one that was similar. Hers is bigger than mine, though, and I love that was oh, and I told her I got it from here where she told me where she got hers from. But just speaking to her about all that was just. We connected, you know, in a way, because I mean, me and people that, you know, meet people that are interested in what I do just off the rip. You know, that was that was what was awesome, you know, just that experience of her. Just I don’t know. I don’t know what to say. It’s just so many words about her that are just like she was just she’s my she was my friend. I could say that she was she was my friend off the rip, and I didn’t even know her from a lick of paint. I didn’t even know her. She she she just it’s like she knew me and she just walked up to me and just connected like right then and there. And I just I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. Every time I was walking here on the patio she was, she was coming over to me, dancing with me and whispering my ear, just having a whole conversation. And I loved it. I loved it. She she had me. She had me wrapped around like automatically like it was just. I’m gonna miss her. Yeah, I mean. I’m I really miss her so much. Thank you. Like I said, I didn’t even know or it is crazy how much I miss her, you know? Yeah, yeah, I miss her a lot.

I can still feel it like. Her energy, I needed that energy like just working here, I needed her energy to get me by like because I wasn’t even having a great day that day, but when I seen her, it was just like. Wow. Like you just made my day twice as better because you’re sitting here talking about crystals, things that I love when you’re sitting here, you know, just teaching me about life here and about us woman and just everything, all at one time. And I’m like, Wow, nobody’s ever came up to me and like. Spoke to me about anything like that, you know, anything especially personal. You know, wow, it’s it’s. It’s so sad to hear her gone, and I’m sure.

I’m sorry. Like, I like, like you just said, I believe she’s she’s living on, she’s here. She’s probably here with us right now.

Definitely. Yeah.

And. You know, that’s actually that’s something I want to do with, you know, honor her is bring her abilities from there here.

We should definitely that. I’m sure she’ll be. She’ll be smiling. She’ll be. It’s not just her like this from her memory, y’all were sitting at this table right here, I remember and y’all were like, she just was just a dancing and she was, Oh my god, you see her work still. You know, going on as she’s not, you know, not here, and that would be something amazing I would support it one hundred percent, a hundred percent. You need help with anything. I’m here. I just got my car recently here a day ago and. I’m ready to do whatever I need to do. Just hearing that she, you know, hearing that yesterday and then well, not yesterday, day before yesterday, I’m sorry. That’s when I had read the note and then, you know, just. It was it was heartbreaking, but then like. It was like, OK, but you can still still live on a little bit, you know, like it’s like she gave me a little bit of up because like I said, I still feel I still feel her energy and I still see her in my in my brain. Like even when I left, I was just like I was thinking about her and. It’s like we’re not hearing her voice still in my head, it’s just like, wow, like, OK, I know, I know she’s probably saying that, you know, I’m a sweetheart. Like she said, because I remember when we were walking down this alley here and she was still she was still talking to me. I can’t remember the whole conversation, but she was still talking to me and she was holding me, holding my hands. It was just like, I don’t know it was. It was. I could still feel her touch. I could.

She was just helped. She was just bringing me right around the corner. It was like, Girl, you need to these men. She’ll still talk about the men thing. These men need to do it all for us. And I said, Well, we’ve got to be strong. Was like, She’s like, You are strong, girl. You do what you’ve got to do. You’re so sweet. She was just, oh my gosh. Like, Oh, oh my god, I know you. This was like speaking to my mom, like it was just I felt so comfortable around her like it was not even it’s crazy how I just that night. All that happened in. Yeah. I could go on and on just from that one night, like just how much, how much each moment that from walking to that trash thing, walking back, sitting here with her just. I could go on and on. Wow, just repeatedly talking about her, just because how much I miss her so much, you know? Well, she was wonderful, and I’m sure. You you probably had the most wonderful marriage with her. You know, I was being being more being closer to her and being with her, you probably had more and more experience. I’m jealous. I’m jealous. You got to experience her from your point of view and that I’m really going to miss her, you know, really, I’m trying to hold it back. But just talking about her just makes me smile. Like, it’s not even crying. Tears shed tears. It’s just like, wow. Like, Oh no. Well, thank you so much. You’re welcome. I hope that was, you know, it’s incredible. Like, I’m happy now. You know, I’m in a better mood that I, you know, actually got that out because, you know.   Dahliah