Gloria Marie Striker (Easter, 1960 - Oct 5, 2021)


Pray and give gratitude each day

Learn, practice and grow each day

Give comfort and hope to all her friends and family


Nurse to heart patients

Massage and touch healing

Digestive health healer


Play Guitar

Play Piano

Play, Dance and Sing from the heart

  • Testimonial

    She changed my life a lot….Her words were just, oh, like phenomenal, I just I couldn’t keep my eyes off her…..I can still feel it, her energy…Just talking about her just makes me smile.


  • Testimonial

    My dear friend Gloria…..
    Listen to the T-Rex:

    David Guerriero

  • Testimonial

    Gloria, you touched my heart in more ways than I could imagine. I deeply miss your physical presence and companionship. With great joy, I live with your love and spirit forever.

    Josef Bogumil Sykora

  • Testimonial

    “When Sandra sings, I begin to cry and It’s a good thing” – Gloria

    Sandra Parker

  • Testimonial

    My Best Feather Harpist

    Sandra Parker

  • Testimonial

    Gloria was fun, energetic and a joy to be around. There was never a stranger around her. We were at Blackbird Bakery and she must have talked to 30 people there, some she knew, some she didn’t

    Konley Smith (Smitty)

  • Testimonial

    She always cared about me. You always knew when she was here. It’s surreal, “I saw her last Friday” She had an aura or something that was uplifting.

    David Deere

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My Trip With Gloria to Puerto Rico and Arecibo RadioTelescope

I find it interesting to note that this photo of Gloria holding up Arecibo was taken by David on January 19, 2020 and that year on Dec 1st, Arecibos’s supporting cables snapped and several hundred tons of the instrument came crashing down. They had worked feverishly on a plan that year (after cables snapping in […]