She always cared about me. You always knew when she was here. It’s surreal, “I saw her last Friday” She had an aura or something that was uplifting.

David Deere

She always cared about me. You always knew when she was here. It’s surreal, “I saw her last Friday”

I met her down at the pool hall (Borderline Billiards) when they first opened it, Bristol or what’s it called on State Street? Yeah. What’s the name of it? I hear the owner of and everything. I met her down there like 2003 three, I think in 2004. And then we’ve been friends over the years. Every time I see her out, we always hug each other. We always ask how we’re doing and we always kept up with each other. That’s about it. I never really met her anywhere and hung out with her, had dinner with her or nothing like that. You know what I mean? But we’ve always been just good friends that not like not great friends that we hung out, but you know what I mean? She always cared about me to ask how I was doing, and we always had advice for each other. Stuff like that. Cool. You seem to interact with other people here. Oh, yeah, she she you always knew, was you there? She made a well known when she walked in the door. We even kept hot tea back here for us. So whenever she come in, she had her own hot tea we gave to her and I probably still have some back there, actually somewhere. Because she likes hot tea and it was never hot enough for he always had to make it harder. That’s pretty much it. Yeah, it’s just so surreal. I saw her last Friday.

She gave me a hard time because we’re supposed to take me and my daughter and her when she wanted to go to the zoo. But I just haven’t had the right time to do it. She’s give me a hard time. Like why? Why won’t you? Well, I’m way down there where I ask you to do that, do they push you away or, you know, she’s being silly and I was like, Man, I just have a lot going on. And then she walked to the door. She’s having a good time. I said, Well, I just see her later. And then that was last Friday, and I’ll never get to see her later. Well, last Friday is when, when you are, you’re over there to work. Yes, I was. I brought. I brought everybody together to meet, you know? Yeah. There was my my best buddy from National and Brett and come in again, so what did everybody? That was the last time I saw her. When y’all are over there in that corner. I walk by and I waved at her. I learned it’s hard, but she was always in such a good conversation, somebody I didn’t want to interrupt. And then she gave me a hard time with. I didn’t go over and talk to her if I would ever lose it like that. Well, I’m glad to see if you can give me Typekit for you. That’s the ticket.

Good. Good. Ok, well, anyway, I’m glad. I’m glad you could say something. Yeah, I wish I had more. Well, it was like, I’m a sorry word or what kind of relationship was, but it was. It was a good relationship. Yeah. Well, she was the kind of person who wanted to make everybody feel good and happy. And you know, and. And and I guess that’s I was looking for is what actually if she changed people’s life that they might do the same thing that she’s doing. You know, it’s get me out here to talk to people, find out really what she’s doing because it was fun, like I was going to see her. You know what I mean? Like, no matter where I went, had rhythm and routes. We always hug and talk for a sec and then we go on our own separate ways. And that’s the best. That’s the best thing. Yeah, it’s good because there’s always some, some connection. Yeah. You know, she she had an aura or a. Unless something about her, her been that was uplifting and comforting. Yeah, yeah, that’s that’s what I like to hear. That’s what she did for me. And every time I see her, you know, when I was with her in town, that’s what she would do with everybody around it. You know? And so it will still get good for me. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate that.