Gloria, you touched my heart in more ways than I could imagine. I deeply miss your physical presence and companionship. With great joy, I live with your love and spirit forever.

Josef Bogumil Sykora

As Gloria’s pillow says “Dream it, Live”

A beautiful peace has taken over my entire soul, When I walk, I hold the dancing ladybugg in my hand as we held hands. I am alone, and feel the joy of your existence in this spot which was created for the bliss of souls like mine. I am so happy, my dear friend. I miss you on this level although I bask in the glory of your beautiful soul being near. May your soul be free to spread your love throughout your family, friends and the world. I will be here to support your soul in any way I can. May the glory of God continue to shine upon you as your name clearly reflects “Gloria Marie Striker”

I strive to embody your beautiful spiritual ways.   I know that your reciting the St. Francis Prayer each morning is who you became.  May I follow your example in more ways than that one.  Your presence is such a joy to be around.   I will continue to support your expression here on Earth.   Just watching you reach out to anyone in your path gave me such admiration of you.   Now, reaching out and listening to a few of the people that you touched while you were here gives me the greatest joy.  I am eternally grateful for the time I spent with you here.