Gloria was fun, energetic and a joy to be around. There was never a stranger around her. We were at Blackbird Bakery and she must have talked to 30 people there, some she knew, some she didn’t

Konley Smith (Smitty)

There was never a stranger around Gloria

Well, you know, how is glory affected you? How do you know? Well, through the meetings that Ang specifically at the Bristol Group on Euclid in Virginia and I met her, I went down, I want to say two years ago, at least two years. And you know, she came into the room and she kind of lit up the room. And I also have kind of like that that fun loving personality, energetic personality at times, too. And so I went up to her and I said, Tell me your name and she, you know, we kind of hit it off right there and shared our our joy of being sober that day, you know, and being at the meeting. And then ever since then, every time we saw each other at meetings, we’d always say hello and check on each other and greet each other and, you know, see how things are going and would visit before the meeting or after the meeting. And then then sometime later, I would see her like at Dave’s house because they became friends. And of course, I’m friends with Dave as well. And Dave moved one time and we spent all day with Gloria and Gloria. I would hang out in the kitchen because we’d go out there, you know, just say, OK, what can we help with? And everybody would bark at us. And she and I were very similar personalities at times. And so we just escaped to the kitchen and just visited pretty much all day. Go help for a little bit, come back and visit. And so I got to I got to really know her, her history. She was telling me a lot about herself and her background and likes dislikes and that kind of stuff. And I also shared, you know, the same thing where I was from and all that was a really good day. I was a really good day and we weren’t too lazy. We got we got work done, but it was a good visiting day. You know where you got to know somebody more than just meetings, you know, or kind of superficial? It was given and she had some interesting food. It was kind of eclectic kind of nuts and, you know, things that you don’t think would ever go together. It’s like bean sprouts and what? What are you? What are you putting together, you know? And it was delicious. And of course, you know, I majored in psych and so I studied personalities and I kind of I picked her personality immediately. You know, we were talking. I said, I could. All right. I can tell you that if if you were in a group and you had to decide what kind of pizza you do, you would probably go. Well, I don’t know. Let’s get one of everything and go to every single pizza place in town, because that would be fun. And she goes, Yeah, that’s me, you know? And but yeah, she does. I picked her personality out. I mean, she’s a fun, energetic, you know, joy to be around in. I enjoyed her. That’s fantastic. So you really you feel like she’s still living with you. Oh yeah. She always will be going. Yeah, it was very nice. I got to talk to her. You know, the evening before she passed and. We’ve got to say, you know. You know, hello and we loved each other and you know that we haven’t seen each other in such long we should visit and absolutely, I got to see you, you know? And you shared goodwill to each other and that it’s been far too long since we Hung out and visited. So, but, you know, Life has different plans. But it was nice talking to her. Yeah, yeah. I certainly miss her. Same thing. She was a light into the world going on, you know, as far as to me, she you just her her spirit. It was just so lively and she was so contented and happy and, you know, around everybody she she came in contact with.

Yeah, she was never a stranger on her. You know, she always was very social.   We went downtown and she would walk up to these. One lady she had was wearing a brooch, you know, on her thing. And she was, Oh, it’s so beautiful. You know, it’s like, This is this is gorgeous. And you know, where’d you get this and all this stuff? Um yeah. She went on and on and on.

Yes, she could string a conversation with just anybody. We were at the Blackbird Bakery one day, and I can’t remember. It must have been after meeting her before a meeting or or we happened. You know, everybody happened to converge there at a certain time or something. And I mean, she must have talked to like thirty people, you know, some she knew, some she didn’t, you know, it was just she was like, you know, the life of the the corner of the street, you know where I am making everybody feel welcome? Yeah.

Well, thank you. That’s fantastic.